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Providing the latest Innovation and friendly environmental Prefab Steel Buildings 

Custom Designing without the custom price

100% recyclable materials

Made in the USA

Highest Quality Prefab Steel Buildings

Our Team have sold over 180,000 cold formed steel buildings worldwide.

Buildings Sold Worldwide

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Prefab Steel buildings for

  1. Workshops

  2. Churches,

  3. Barns & Agricultural,

  4. Self Storage Units,

  5. Steel Homes,

  6. Garages Kits

  7. Steel Homes

  8. Industrial

  9. Warehouse

  10. Recreational

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Benefits of buying a Cold Formed Prefab Steel Building

  • Foundation Plans Included (competitors do not provide)

  • Faster to Assemble vs other buildings (save labor cost)

  • No welding, no rotting, no termites, and problems

  • Can be used in Residential and commercial

  • Save 25% on concrete vs red iron buildings

  • Manuals and construction package included

  • 24/7 tech support & customer service

  • Do it yourself and save money

  • No heavy equipment rental

  • 45 year paint warranty

  • Stamped and signed Wet Set of Plans

  • Meets IBC and CBC Code state requirements

greenlineOur Mission

Construction Network Service is dedicated in providing integrity, safety, innovation, sustainable, environmental products, high quality prefab steel buildings and customer service. We believe many businesses have forgotten the values, ethics, and morals in today’s modern world in serving people needs, not just a sale! The CNS team treats every customer with respect, and listens to their needs to make sure they get exactly what they want when it comes to a prefab steel buildings or construction services.

Many competitors promises many things on a prefab steel building but never delivers the promise to the customer. Construction Network Service treats everyone with different culture backgrounds with respect and like family to make sure they get the best prefab steel building at the best price.  We design every building and manufacture from scratch to make sure the building meets the customers specifications and state code requirements.   Our project management team and license engineers make sure that every prefab steel building made meets the IBC and CBC codes to pull permits on our structures. We offer complete prefab steel buildings with all the necessary trim, bolts, and wet set of blue prints to go with your prefab steel building purchase. Our priority is to educate and show customers the benefits in buying a Cold Formed prefab steel building.


Helpful Information when buying a Prefab Steel Building

We Recommend and  advise every customer to do their “due diligence” before purchasing any prefab steel building online to make sure it meets the city and county codes (most competitors will not tell you this). We take pride in our structural engineer steel buildings and stand behind our product. We will help each customer through the process of designing, gathering information, meeting city or county requirements, and etc to make sure our customers do not pay for any extra cost before giving any money to us.

We are here to help you and guide you through every step through the process. We will assist you with a free steel building design to fit your style and budget. We have help thousands of customer remotely throughout the United States every day to erect their own buildings with our construction package and manuals for the “do it yourself” and save thousands of dollars for more important things. We will continue to build long lasting customer relationship by uniting contractors, manufacturers, vendors, and clients to our trusted network, who are dedicated to our trust, integrity, quality, innovation, brand, and most importantly customer satisfaction. We are a local San Diego California  Prefab Steel Building suppliers helping and educating all customers around the nation.greenlineWE can also help you with financing up to 100% Financing Options for business:

We also offer and outsource the facilitation of other services.

Hybrid based loans and lines of credit

Cash advance consolidation loans

Equipment sale leaseback

APR term loans

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